How to Change the Name of Your Singapore Company


1. Choose an Appropriate Name

The new name of your company must be appropriate. According to the Companies Act, the new name of your company cannot be:

  • Undesirable;

  • Identical to the name of any other company and/or registered business;

  • Identical to a name reserved by another company and/or registered business; or

  • Prohibited by order of the Minister of Finance.

2. Apply for Approval of New Name with ACRA

After deciding on your new company name, you will need to submit a “Change in Company Information” application to the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) for approval of the proposed company name.

Submitting the application online will require you to log into the BizFile+ website with CorpPass, which has replaced SingPass for businesses transacting with ACRA as of September 2018.

A step-by-step eGuide on how to navigate BizFile+ and change your company name is available here.

Please note that a filing fee of $15 is applicable.

3. Prepare and Pass a Special Resolution for the Change of Company Name

If ACRA approves the proposed new company name, you will need to pass a special resolution to change the company name. The following steps are required in order to pass such a special resolution:

  • Prepare the written resolution to change the company name.

  • Decide on a date for a general meeting. Then, inform all shareholders of the date of the meeting, as well as the proposal to pass the resolution to change the company name

    • For a private company, 14 days’ written notice must be given for the meeting. However, the meeting can be held at shorter notice if members holding at least 95% of the voting rights agree to do so.

  • At the meeting, members who collectively hold at least 75% of the voting rights must agree to the resolution to change the company name.

  • A copy of the resolution has to be submitted to ACRA within 14 days of its passing. This may be done online through BizFile+ (“Notice of Resolution” transaction).

Your company name change will be updated after the resolution has been filed with ACRA. You will be issued a notice of incorporation under your company’s new name and the change of name will be effective upon the issue of that notice.

In order to check whether your company’s name has been changed, you can check your company’s name online on BizFile+.

Should you require any assistance in changing your company’s name, feel free to Contact us and we will be glad to assist.